UA-90106273-1 Episode 22 Spy Techniques with Jason Hanson

Episode 22 Spy Techniques with Jason Hanson

January 31, 2017

Jason Hanson of Spy Escape and Evasion tells us how to avoid being abducted, how to escape from captors, how to use spy techniques to be prepared, and a lot more.

Jason Hanson spent nearly a decade at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he won The CIA’s Exceptional Performance Award…twice.

Jason founded Spy Escape & Evasion in 2010, which is a company that teaches men and women how to be safe using Spy Secrets that 99% of Americans will never know. “You don’t need to spend 10 years becoming a black belt. You need to know how to be situationally aware, how to use defensive tools and techniques and learn the “Inside Secrets” to using these techniques to stay safe.”


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