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Episode 27: Water

March 3, 2017

Survival is impossible without clean water.  Here's how to make sure you have it.


Episode 25: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

February 23, 2017

What happens when artifical intelligence surpasses human intelligence?  Experts think this will happen in the next 10 years or so.  Will we become slaves to our robot overlords?


Episode 24 Actor, Director, and Brilliant Thinker Dan Fogler

February 14, 2017

Doc Montana and Matt are joined by Dan Fogler.

Dan stars in the international hit movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," he appears as a regular on The Goldbergs, and he wrote, directed and starred in his own experimental film called "Don Peyote." He also hosts a weekly podcast called Dan Fogler's 4D Experience.

Dan leads us through a raucous and wide ranging conversation about everything from prepping for the super-rich to the phsyics behind remote viewing and astral projection to the CIA's use of mind control techniques in their MK Ultra initative (A conspiracy theory that turned out to be true!)



Episode 23 Krav Maga Expert Gershon Ben Keren

February 3, 2017

We speak with Gershon Ben Keren, a 5th Degree Black Belt who was trained, tested and certified in Israel. Gershon has been training in Krav Maga since 1994.

Gershon teaches us how to handle situations such as street robberies, muggings, bar brawls, sexual assaults and the like - you may be a long way away from the West Bank in Israel but the same techniques an IDF soldier uses to keep him safe while patrolling those streets will work equally well in any settings or locations. 


Episode 22 Spy Techniques with Jason Hanson

January 31, 2017

Jason Hanson of Spy Escape and Evasion tells us how to avoid being abducted, how to escape from captors, how to use spy techniques to be prepared, and a lot more.

Jason Hanson spent nearly a decade at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he won The CIA’s Exceptional Performance Award…twice.

Jason founded Spy Escape & Evasion in 2010, which is a company that teaches men and women how to be safe using Spy Secrets that 99% of Americans will never know. “You don’t need to spend 10 years becoming a black belt. You need to know how to be situationally aware, how to use defensive tools and techniques and learn the “Inside Secrets” to using these techniques to stay safe.”


Episode 21 Shot Show Review

January 30, 2017

Doc Montana, Joel Stevens traveled to the Shot Show in Las Vegas.  They give us the scoop on all the new gear out there.


Episode 20 Survival Hacks with Tim MacWelch

January 17, 2017

Tim MacWelch and Doc Montana give us insightful hacks in the areas of shelter, defense, security, cooking and fire, and x-factor.  It's useful and fun knowledge from two of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.


Episode 19 Tim MacWelch, author and Outdoor Life Magazine blogger

January 10, 2017

We speak with Tim MacWelch, who has written 3 best-selling survival manuals in partnership with Outdoor Life Magazine. And several more books too!  Tim has been a survival trainer since 1997 with his company, Advanced Survival Training, in Northern Virginia.

Topics include: survival ethics, the catstrophe matrix, likely SHTF scenarios, and how to survive in the wild for an extended period of time, including how to find enough to eat by foraging.



Episode 18 Urban Survival with Richard Duarte

January 2, 2017

80% of people live in an urban or suburban environment.  For them prepping isn't about camping and bushcraft.  Along with tips from Doc Montana and Mark Puhaly, acclaimed author Richard Duarte takes us through 10 preps that everyone who lives in the city or the suburbs should do right now to be prepared. Including: security and self defense, long term food and water solutions, and get home plans.


Episode 17 Bug Out Simulation - Springfield, MO

December 21, 2016

Doc Montana takes us through a defined scenario with a couple who have to bug out of their apartment in Springfield, MO, the geographic center of the USA.  Doc takes us through all their survival gear - backpacks, tent, rifles, pistols, water carriers, water filters, knives, axes, emergency food supply and more.